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Dry foot skin treatment for you

Extreme itching and dry foot skin characterize the inflammatory skin disease of atopic dermatitis. This jameda Health Tip explains how it is handled and what basic care for the affected skin is suitable.Eczema (Atopic Eczema, atopic dermatitis) runs in spurts
In the acute phase, the dry skin itches extremely so that affected reflexively scratch. As a result, the skin inflamed, wet and bleeding. Allergens and germs can penetrate more easily, leading to inflammation and itching. The Eczema occur flexures, neck and face especially at points like knees, with heavy gradients of the entire body can be affected. The itching load enormously, many calm sleep badly. Also, they suffer psychologically if the skin such as the face is visibly red, swollen and inflamed. The cause of atopic dermatitis is unclear in detail, a genetic predisposition, immune processes and environmental factors play a role.

Especially children are affected by Atopic Dermatitis
In industrial countries 8-16% of children and 1-3 suffer from % of adult atopic dermatitis. In infancy, the skin disease occurs as a cradle, the symptoms are particularly pronounced in the two first years of life. Often improves skin condition over the years, so many young people lose the skin symptoms with puberty. About one-third of sufferers are plagued by skin disorder in adulthood.

Acute phase: treat itching and inflammation
In the acute phase, anti-inflammatory and itch-lactating dermatological preparations are applied. Barrier-containing preparations are suitable for milder forms. Cortisone preparations have a strong anti-inflammatory, cortisone types are used depending on the severity of the eczema. The active ingredient of Polidocanol has local anaesthetic, causing the itching. Severe gradients can be applied preparations with immunomodulatory agents.

Daily basic care to strengthen the skin barrier
The protective lipid layer of the skin is disturbed in atopic dermatitis, so that more moisture is lost and the skin dries out. This prevents the daily basic care. It is according to the rule "wet on wet, fat on dry" skin condition adapted: the skin is irritated, inflamed and wet, light, low-fat dermatological preparations are used, on dry, not inflamed skin it is fatty products.

Without itching through the day

Wear clothing made of cotton! They absorb moisture and not irritate the skin.
The clothing adapt to the ambient temperature, because otherwise both welding and cold can cause itching.
Instead swim rather short showers, use moisturising shower oil and DAB the skin with the towel, do not rub off.
The basic care daily apply also if the skin is not dry.
Irritating substances like pet dander avoid allergenic food, perfume, etc.,
Heating air dries out, regularly ventilate or set up the humidifier.
More relaxing, less stress: Autogenic training or yoga help to find rest and peace.
If it itches once: instead scrape gently with the flat of the hand rub, stroke, or press to injure the skin not with your finger nails.

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